Car trouble: batterie à plat

My trusty blue steed has taken me from Brighton to Bergerac on numerous occasions, but yesterday he just wouldn’t budge. Trouble is, it was my first day back at work.

A flat battery was not what I needed.

Was my car trying to tell me something? No, of course not.

But as I went knocking on my neighbours’ doors asking if any could jump start the car, I could detect an unspoken message. Although they were too polite to speak their minds, their faces managed to convey what their words didn’t.

At 9am, when the shops opened, I trudged off to buy some jump leads. These will allow me to regain my popularity with my neighbours – you see, if ever they need help starting their cars at 7am, they’ll know who to call on.

What I’m unsure about, though, is whether battery problems will plague my Mazda MX-5 in future. I hope not – having to take jump leads with me on future trips to France would take up valuable wine space…

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