A royal tradition: La galette des rois

In France, 6 January is a day of tradition. It is the day for pulling a king.

No, not in that way – this isn’t an episode of The Bachelor. I’m talking about the tradition about the kings’ cake, la galette des rois.

The cake itself varies from region to region. It can be made with puff pastry or brioche. The ones I’ve had in the past have had an almond paste filling, though I understand they can be decorated with candied fruit instead.

What is consistent across the country, though, is that each galette contains a fève or two – usually a little china figure and a fava bean. If you find the fève, you become the king or queen and choose a partner. You also have to provide the galette des rois the following year.

Despite my sweet tooth, I’ve never much cared for the galettes des rois I’ve had in the past, to be honest. If it weren’t for the fact you’re supposed to drink a coup de champagne with them, I’d give this tradition a miss…


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