Step back in time: Ferrensac

For every rule there must be an exception. If we accept that France is home to some of the world’s most stylish bars and restaurants, then Rène’s bar in Ferrensac must survive simply to provide balance.

Ferrensac is a small village in Lot-et-Garonne. There’s no boucherie, nor boulangerie, though there is a church… and Rène’s bar.

Both stand at the village crossroads. One is unmissable, the other, well, less so…

A discreet sign above the door suggests that this is – or once might have been – a café. Yet the exterior offers no further clues for the casual passer-by.

The bar is owned by octogenarian Rène, who turned her living room into a bar some decades back.

With its stained wallpaper, covered in newspaper clippings, her bar offers a glimpse of simpler times. It’s a world where Elle Décoration stylists would fear to take their swatches and samples.

Yet, for Rène, redecorating is hors de question – after all, it is precisely the bar’s quirkiness that is its appeal.

Her loyal clientele would, no doubt, agree.

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