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Quality or quantity: wine matters

One of the differences between the British and the French lies in our attitudes to wine. Many Brits will sacrifice quality for quantity, while our French neighbours often prefer just one glass of good wine over a bottle of something ordinary.

However, their approach isn’t about snobbery. For many, wine serves to enhance the food before them.

As a country with a long and valued history of wine making, a respect for what they are drinking is somehow inbuilt. French people like to appreciate the colour, the smell and the taste of what they are drinking.

Which means that less is often more – and explains why, to a British eye, French wine glasses can seem so small.

None of this is to say that entry-level wines don’t have their place in France. Wine en vrac, for example, remains popular because it offers good-value midweek table wine.

Mind you, the French often call it ‘bag in box’. Whether this is to distance themselves from it by making it sound English or to illustrate the difference between the two nations’ approaches to wine is open to question.

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