La Fleur Baron: wine for a fiver

In his role as an ambassador for Bordeaux wines, Michel Roux Jr has been spared trayfuls of cheap foil-wrapped chocolates. Instead, the celebrity chef has had to taste dozens of wines from one of France’s top wine-producing regions.

You can’t help but feel for him.

Working with the Bordeaux Wine Council, he invited a panel from the Association of Wine Educators to name the wines they considered to be particularly good in terms of value and quality. The outcome is a selection of the best affordable wines from Bordeaux.

Among their recommendations is La Fleur Baron, a merlot/cabernet sauvignon mix typical of the region.

In, erm, the interests of research, I tried a bottle last night – and it’s not bad at all. It won’t have Château Lafite Rothschild worried for its position, but it’s highly drinkable.

Michel Roux Jr described it as a “lighter style with soft tannins”. Ready to drink now, he rated its “floral aromas, raspberries and redcurrants”, and felt it would be “great with duck with berry sauce”.

Best of all, you can pick up a bottle in Asda for just £5. Cheers!

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