Le dimanche: DIY day

Contrary to popular belief, Sundays aren’t a day of DIY for middle-aged suburban men the world over. French men have been spared this pleasure. Until now, that is.

Salvation has come for them in a new law that allows home improvement stores in France to open on Sundays.

The decision was made in response to pressure from DIY store staff themselves. They took to the streets demanding the right to work on a Sunday.

Industry experts supported them, arguing that the move could boost jobs in France.

Finally, the French government agreed – albeit with a couple of caveats. First, staff should get double pay for giving up their Sundays. Second, the move is only temporary, until 1 July 2015.

That gives French men less than 18 months to put up those shelves in the back bedroom. If my home improvements are anything to go by, the timing could prove tight.

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