Spice up your song: give it soul

Rumours that Geri Halliwell is to represent the UK at Eurovision this year have had me yearning for a great singer with a first-rate song. For me, one of the best entries from the past 20 years came from France.

The song was Je n’ai que mon âme, and it was performed by Natasha St-Pier in Copenhagen 13 years ago.

She’s actually Canadian but was doing a Céline Dion, as it’s known in Eurovision circles: whoring herself out to another country in search of glory.

Some commentators remarked that her entry was simply too classy for the contest. They may have a point, given that she lost out to a piece of instantly forgettable rubbish from Estonia.

She finished fourth – a position France has been unable to better since.

Natasha has gone on to become a major star in France and the French-speaking world since her appearance at the pan European popfest in 2001.

Geri Halliwell last topped the charts that same year.

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