Métro stations: never down in the subway

Paris is famous for its art nouveau métro stations. It has Hector Guimard to thank for that – he was the man behind some of the city’s most iconic station entrances.

They include Abbesses, shown above, on line 12. Located in Montmartre, the station is one of the deepest on the Paris métro network.

It opened in 1912 and its entrance is one of only two original glass-covered entrances – known as édicules – designed by Guimard that remain in the city.

Mind you, Paris has also lent the look to various other cities around the world. The only original one is in Montreal, but there are several replicas, cast from the original moulds, in Chicago, Lisbon, Mexico City and Moscow.

The stations have come to mind today because I am in Prague, in the Czech Republic, for a long weekend. The city is also famous for art nouveau and for its beauty. That’s two things it shares with Paris – and two things that can only put a smile on your face.

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