Go south west: escape to the Dordogne

Catch-up TV has joined the internet, mobile phones and M&S dine-in-for-£10 meals on the list of things we wonder how we ever did without. Last night, thanks to the BBC’s iPlayer, I watched another episode of the new Escape to the Continent, set in the Dordogne.

(You can read here what I thought of the last one I saw, set in Poitou-Charentes and hosted by Nicki Chapman.)

In this episode, Cash in the Attic star Alistair Appleton showed Carol and Warren, from Yorkshire and Stockport respectively, four houses.

The couple are keen anglers and Carol even owns a fishery. Both ‘water’ and ‘quirky’ were among their requests of their new home in the sun.

Alistair delivered half of that with the first home. Set in Saint-Paul-la-Roche in the north of the department, the house was a 12th century Knights Templar property. However, it had no lake in its grounds, so it received a resounding no.

The second property they saw, in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière, was a tastefully refurbished manor house built in the 1870s. This was better.

A third, in La Bucherie, looked even more promising. With a lake and grounds, each just short of four square acres in size, Warren was hooked. At just £275,000, it was a steal.

So was Carol – until she saw Alistair’s ‘mystery home’.

The property was situated in Marval, over the border of the Dordogne in Haute Vienne, in the Limousin region. With the house itself plus six holiday chalets, there were 17 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in total. Priced at £358,000 and with a river, a lake and a swimming pool, it had all the water – and quirkiness – the couple could ever need.

Carol was very keen, but Warren had less ambitious plans for his retirement.

In the end, the couple returned to Britain to sell their homes. They have been together for only a year and you couldn’t help but feel they had some more talking to do before they were ready to house-hunt again.

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10 thoughts on “Go south west: escape to the Dordogne

  1. Hope they know what they’re doing before they up sticks and come here to ‘live the dream’.


  2. Mike mckay on said:

    Hi how do we get to view the property or get the sellers details for the the fishing business in la bucherie please? Regards mike mckay


    • Hi Mike. I assume a Google search hasn’t led far. You could try the BBC or the production company, though the episode was shot last September. Otherwise, try a magazine like French Property News. The latest issue is full of business-related ideas and content. Good luck!


  3. Interesting couple
    you do need to be solid for this adventure- so many fail
    the stats aren’t good and I can only hope we aren’t going to end up going to being one of the ones who go home


  4. Merci for visiting 24/7 in France, author of Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France


  5. The idea of the adventure is good but the house sounded a bit daunting! I am sure they will pursue the idea in some form. elizabethsvines.com

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  6. Hi Graham,
    I know that this article is quite old now but we have just watched this episode of Escape to the Continent and cannot help but wonder what happened to this couple. We are just wondering if there has been any update – I do so wish that programmes like this one would do follow ups a year or so later! As we are so far behind in seeing this show for the first time there may already be an update. Just being curious!

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