French Entrée: magic moments

Now available from all good news sellers: erm, me. Being invited to be interviewed for French Entrée magazine was both flattering and daunting. And now, to see my name and face in the magazine is exciting and embarrassing.

The new issue of French Entrée hit the shops this week. You’ll find me on page 146, the Magic Moments feature. Part of the magazine is available to read online, but my feature is in the hard-copy version only.

The interview gave me the chance to look back over my years of living, working and holidaying in France. It reminded me, for instance, of my time in Paris during the early days of my career. I was working for a photo library on the Rue Pigalle.

As I explain in French Entrée, “The street has something of a reputation and Boulevard Clichy, at the top of it, is even less salubrious. I remember a woman in her 60s in a full-length fur coat come staggering towards me as I walked home one day. She called over… and then flashed at me!”

It’s that sort of anecdote that was part of the inspiration to launch this blog.

It was also about overcoming my own perfectionism – after all, if I’m going to post every day, some of what I write will have faults. Equally, it was about learning to become able to talk about myself – something else I don’t find easy.

So, I’m conquering two demons in one go.

However, my interview with French Entrée underlined to me just how English I am: I’m pleased to have been approached but I’d hate people to think I was a show-off.

You can take the boy out of England…

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7 thoughts on “French Entrée: magic moments

  1. My dear chap your’e just too English for word


  2. Keep up the creative writing, congrats on the artical J&S


  3. Congratulations! I’ll have to see if my local bookstore carries the magazine and read your story.


  4. Chapeau! Not only for your piece, but for conquering a few demons.


  5. Jenny Webb on said:

    Just got the mag-thanks have been in Bordeaux with friend for a few days and it was in the post. I wondered why you sent it and was saving it till emails and unpacking done. I will go straight to the page later- Its pissing down-yuk. Jxx


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