Pork on parade: Saint-Hippolyte

Everyone loves a sausage. Long or short, thick or thin, smoked or spicy, white or black, pink or red, there’s one for everyone. All of which means that Saint-Hippolyte is likely to be bustling today.

That’s because the town is holding its annual Foire à la Saucisse de Saint-Hippolyte.

Located in the département of Doubs, in Franche-Comté, the locals expect their numbers to swell tenfold today as visitors arrive to honour the town’s sausage.

The event starts at midday, when the town’s restaurants open their doors to serve sausage specialities. At 2.30, a parade will set off. There will be floats, motorcycles and even old tractors out on the streets of Saint-Hippolyte, all to celebrate the sausage.

The recipe of the town’s sausage is a closely guarded secret. What is known, however, is that it is made using pork from the region, with a generous helping of both salt and seasoning. Finally, it is smoked on a bed of conifer chippings to give it its distinctive taste.

I can’t be there today, but I’ll keep an eye out in my local delis to see if I can pick up a Saint-Hyppolyte sausage today and join in the celebrations, albeit long distance.

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    A missed opportunity. Darn it. Who wouldn’t want to join in on a festival that celebrates sausage. This is exactly why we are traveling in France.


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