Work-life balance: the real bank holiday bonus

One of the advantages of a bank holiday weekend is that you get to do things you don’t have the time for usually. The long weekend meant that I could treat Monday more like a Sunday. That meant I could prepare and cook snails to serve as a starter last night.

Don’t ask me why but I’ve always loved snails.

Actually, I do know why: it’s the garlic butter they so often come served in. Although it’s possible to have them in a variety of ways – as I found on a trip to Rouen earlier this year – garlic butter seems to be the most common.

In fact, the snails I served last night came from a supermarket sweep I made while I was in the Seine-Maritime capital. I’d bought several tins, each containing 24 snails – and I’d added the shells to serve them in to my trolley too.

There may be over 100 different types of edible snails, but in France, two types are seen more than any other: the helix aspersa (the common garden snail, known as the ‘petit-gris’) and the helix pomatia (known as the ‘escargot de Bourgogne’). I have the latter in the cupboard.

They made a delicious starter, even if I say so myself.

I have the dishes and cutlery, so serving them doesn’t take that much work after all. Maybe I needn’t wait for another bank holiday to make the time for snails again.

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