Bread festival: plus c’est long, plus c’est bon

Sex sells. There’s no point denying it or disputing it. Firm up a double entendre and you’re halfway to having a marketing plan.

Organisers of this week’s national bread festival – la fête du pain – would have been wise to remember that. Instead, their tagline for the week is ‘A chacun sa tradition’.


With 32,000 bakers taking part in the week-long celebration of traditional bread making, the marketing team could have come up with something a little more attention-grabbing.

After all, this festival is longer than most…

I remember during my student days in Rennes that a fast-food chain was advertising its sandwiches under the slogan ‘Plus c’est long, plus c’est bon’ (the longer, the better). Such was the size of the baguette pictured in the ads that a woman needed both hands to hold one.

It may be puerile, but nearly 30 years later I still remember it.

Alternatively, perhaps the owners of Le Gay Choc boulangerie in Paris’ Marais district could have lent a hand. Their baguettes magiques (pictured) have proved one of their biggest sellers.

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