Toll roads: life in the fast lane

Despite the weather, summer must be on its way. I’m starting to think about my route down through France to Bergerac in August.

And I’m not alone. There’s a feature in the latest issue of France magazine that’s full of tips on how to plan a drive through France – and what I might expect to pay in both petrol and toll charges.

Toll roads are an option in France. They are quite unusual in the UK, for the time being at least, but they’re common in parts of the rest of Europe.

Of course, they have the advantage of speeding up a long journey, which can be important if you’re travelling the length of a country the size of France.

I tend to plug in the satnav and go, but websites such as or help you plan your journey more effectively in advance. They offer options for how to reach your destination, including using or avoiding toll roads, as you wish.

You can also speed up your passage through the toll booths by signing up for Sanef’s Liber-t toll payment. You pay €6 a year for a special tag that you fix to your windscreen. You then simply drive through the tolls and pay via direct debit. I’m sure that’s handy for frequent toll users.

Mind you, I’ve never had to wait long to get through a toll. But if speed is important, that’s the way forward.

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One thought on “Toll roads: life in the fast lane

  1. So true what you write about the tolls. We drove from near Paris to Lyon last weekend and one way using the toll roads it was around 45 euros. That’s approx. 400 kilometers. So yeah, it can become expensive too.

    Good thing that navis have the options to avoid the toll roads (peagé). Keep up the good blogging!


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