Board games: geography at a glance

My knowledge of French geography has improved greatly in the past year or two. However, I can’t help but wish I’d had some extra help at times getting to grips with all those names I recognised but couldn’t quite place…

What I needed, it transpires, is a cheese board showing me exactly what’s where.

No longer do I have to fear not being able to distinguish my Roquefort from my Reblochon or my Camembert from my Cantal. Help, it seems, is at hand from those lovely people at online homewares emporium Roullier White.

They’ve launched a cheese board showing many of the most well-known French cheeses printed onto an outline map of France. The board comes with a couple of stylish-looking knives too, and is priced at £30.

Now all I need is to arrange a dinner party at which I can show off the board – and my knowledge of French geography.

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One thought on “Board games: geography at a glance

  1. I love the board – I think I need to buy one of those too!!


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