Question time: four out of five ain’t bad

David Dimbleby has never had it this hard. Getting answers to just five simple questions should be easy – especially as they concern my summer holiday. However, the travel options for a fortnight in Bergerac in August are anything but straightforward.

Last night, my partner, Damon, and I made real progress, though. The answers to the who and the why were already clear – and we had already booked the dates off from work, so we knew the when too.

The how remained outstanding. Flying was an option. Flybe operate flights to Bergerac from Southampton. However, we wouldn’t be able to bring wine or cheese back very easily, so that was out.

Driving, then, would appear to be the answer.

The Eurotunnel was a possibility – getting from England to France was quick and easy when we did it last weekend. However, the tunnel would add nearly four hours to my driving time: Folkestone isn’t handy from Brighton, and Coquelles is quite a northerly start for a trip to Périgord.

The ferry from Dover to Calais is the cheapest route from England to France but, again, the drive is an issue. Damon doesn’t drive, so it would all fall to me. Another alternative – the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen – is long and expensive.

So we’ve stuck to our tried and tested route: the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe. I’m no fan of the service DFDS offers, but Newhaven is only half an hour away from home.

We’ll take an overnight boat, so that we have a full day for the first leg of our journey south. Now all we need to do is work out the where – we’ll want to break the journey somewhere.

It seems we don’t have all the answers just yet.

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2 thoughts on “Question time: four out of five ain’t bad

  1. I like Le Mans… interesting medieval buildings and fantastic street lights with creatures on them!!! it doesn’t seem too far from there! Cx


  2. Yes, we usually stop there too. It’s very convenient. This time, though, as we’ll be starting out in Dieppe much earlier, I wondered about trying somewhere new. Nantes or La Rochelle, maybe?


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