Revenir un jour: back for good?

A stage musical chronicling the reunion of a 1990s French boyband has the potential to divide the public more than the Pepsi Challenge. So it will be interesting to see how Revenir Un Jour fares. 

The show opened last month in Paris’ Palais des Glaces.

Boybands arrived later in France than in Britain or the US. Manufactured groups such as Take That, Boyzone and Backstreet Boys filled the English-speaking world’s airwaves and adorned its teenagers’ bedroom walls from the early 1990s.

France, however, remained immune to the charms of the genre… until a British group seduced them. That group was Worlds Apart – ironically, one of the lesser-known boybands on the UK circuit.

They were led by Nathan Moore, who had previously provided lead vocals for Stock, Aitken and Waterman tottie troupe Brother Beyond. With Simon Cowell behind Worlds Apart, it’s perhaps a surprise they weren’t more successful in Britain.

Across the Channel, they were tempted into the recording studio to recut Jean-Jacques Goldman’s classic Je Te Donne, just a few short years after the French rocker himself scored big with the song.

Its success heralded the arrival of a slew of home-grown boybands to delight French record buyers. They included groups such as 2be3, G-Squad and Alliage.

One of 2be3’s biggest hits was Partir Un Jour, so this musical’s title offers the audience a cheeky reminder of the genre’s heyday. It will be interesting to see how it fares.

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