Top dog: le meilleur ami de l’homme

Put a loveable dog in a cute car and you’re guaranteed more attention that a mime artist on a box in a tourist hotspot. That’s certainly how it proved for this vintage Fiat 500 that I saw on my recent trip to Paris.

Who knows what the driver was waiting for. He could have been expecting a friend – it was the day of the Ride Béret Baguette event, after all. Though not strictly from the right era, this car would have cut a dash turning up at the picnic later. With an old-fashioned suitcase strapped to its boot, it captured the retro vibe perfectly.

Or maybe he was simply there for a fix of public attention. Given that he’d pulled over on the Rue de Rivoli, he could be reasonably sure that some passing tourists would spot him. As indeed we did.

Whatever his motive, I don’t mind. It brought a smile to my face.

Or, more accurately, the dog did.

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One thought on “Top dog: le meilleur ami de l’homme

  1. Adorable car and dog. We saw some fabulous old cars in Trouville this weekend, and some pretty cute chiens too.


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