Titillation: the thrill of the chase

If you’re after cheap thrills, forget page three. Now it’s all about page five or page 11. The beauties are there, baring their all for you coquettishly. I am, of course, referring to the stunning homes featured in the new issue of French Property News, out today.

I found my perfect home within seconds of opening the magazine.

Mine is on page 11. It’s a six-bedroom house in the Dordogne, with a swimming pool and its own lake. Priced at €299,600, it seems a steal. I can see it needs some cosmetic work – oh, and it looks as though the pool needs replacing, I would say.

Importantly, the estate agents have tantalised me with the promise of “possible chambres d’hôtes”.

It’s situated in Firbeix, up at the top of the region, very near the border with the département of Haute-Vienne, in the Limousin. It’s an hour and a half further north than where most of my friends are – but it’s near the N21 road, which leads directly to Bergerac…

If I were seriously in the market right now for a property to live in and run a business from, this would be well worth a view.

Sadly, I’ll have to content myself for the moment with page 11.

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4 thoughts on “Titillation: the thrill of the chase

  1. That is a seriously nice house
    Buy it! join the certifiable nutters abroad! swap horror stories!

    Seriously I am getting a bit fed up with French property buyers who purchase and then spend all their time moaning about how everything is so different, takes forever and costs a fortune .
    I am grateful that we have this opportunity and will be making the most of it personally

    Sorry, bit of a rant there…………………….


    • Rant away! I get your point. I know some of those people too. Thing is, I think they forget that things don’t always go smoothly at home either. It has taken me three weeks to get a plumber to come – and he only came because I bumped into him in the pub and he was embarrassed about not returning my calls.


  2. Just looking at homes (one to share with my daughter and her family) here in the San Francisco Bay Area (45 minutes from the City) that cost literally 3X more ($1.2 million and up) and have 1000% less charm on tiny lots. We decided we’d rather spiff up her current home, leave me in my apartment and buy a vacation home in France. And with her fluency in French as well as the grandkids, it should be easier than some who try this.


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