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The dark side: Mouton Cadet

There’s something utterly charming about sitting round an aged oak barrel with a winemaker, tasting his wines and coming away with a case of your latest find. But sometimes you get a glimpse of the more commercial side of the business.

Certainly that’s the case if ever you visit Mouton Cadet.

The brand is the affordable arm of the Mouton Rothschild winemaking dynasty.

I visited its factory in Saint Laurent Médoc on a wine-tasting tour of Bordeaux. We were each given a white coat and a white hat – well, it was more like a shower cap, really – as we arrived.

We were shown around, seeing where the grapes were delivered, the huge metal vats where the wine fermented and also the bottling line.

It ended with a trip to the factory’s wine tasting room (pictured), where we sampled some of the wines made there. We had also been to the Château Mouton Rothschild on the same day.

The contrast couldn’t have been greater – both in terms of the wines and the experience.

Mind you, we all seek out the bargains as we fill our trolleys in the supermarket. There’s nothing wrong with an inexpensive wine for midweek drinking.

Mouton Cadet may not offer the prettiest wine-tasting experience, but it’s one I won’t forget.

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2 thoughts on “The dark side: Mouton Cadet

  1. So timely that you posted this. We picked up a bottle of Mouton Cadet at an international wine tasting event a couple of weeks ago… You’ve confirmed our thinking – perfect for a Tuesday, when I am missing France.


    • It’s proved a very successful move for the company – it’s now one of the best-selling wine brands in the world. It’s certainly not the best wine ever, but hey, I’ll happily have a glass all the same.


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