Free but not easy: Saint Agur

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? I should introduce them to my mother-in-law. Every time we visit my partner’s parents, we come away with loads of food.

My mother-in-law knows we like French cheese, so she always buys in plenty to serve as a cheese course. The thing is, she and my father-in-law eat like birds, so they rarely have much of the spread and there’s only so much cheese we can eat in one sitting.

So, ahem, unfortunately, we have to bring it home…

Last time we went, we came away with a Saint Agur, a comté, an ossau iraty, a brie and a reblochon. (Plus a joint of beef, a whole chicken and a loin of pork. What can I say? She’s a feeder.)

We ate some of the cheese later that week, but we froze a couple of pieces. Grated, the comté makes a good substitute for parmesan in dishes.

The Saint Agur had been puzzling us. What should we do with it? It was a huge piece of cheese, so we decided to use it in a recipe. We had some vegetables that needed using up too.

Then we remembered a recipe my partner, Damon, had made last year for some vegetarian friends: blue cheese and polenta tarts with roasted vegetables.

We had some polenta in the cupboard, and some shortcrust pastry, dried mushrooms, port, redcurrant jelly. In short, all the ingredients needed.

It took a couple of hours to make, but at home, time isn’t money, so our lunch was both delicious and free.

Bon appétit!

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  1. I’d like a MIL like yours. 🙂


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