Calorie counting: Le Coin de Camille

If you like to know how many calories and how much fat are in what you are eating, I have just the restaurant for you. The good news is that it’s not McDonalds. The other good news is that it’s the beautiful city of Bordeaux.

It’s called Le Coin de Camille – a name that also describes its location, as it’s a stone’s throw from the Place de Camille Jullian.

Beneath each dish on its menu are the details of what’s in it – and how healthy it is. It’s an unusual but charming approach in a restaurant of this calibre.

The décor is a mix of old and new: sharp citrus fabrics contrast with old stone walls and large mirrors. The result is light, bright and terribly inviting.

We stumbled on it by chance during a shopping trip to Bordeaux. We were looking for somewhere to have lunch but wanted to avoid the tourist traps of the old town.

The meal was terrific and we swore we would go back.

However, the next time we were in the city, we joined friends from Paris for dinner. One of them in particular is a real foodie, and he offered to choose the restaurant. It was in my head to suggest Le Coin de Camille, but I figured he would find another lovely restaurant that we could bookmark for future visits.

Sadly, he must have been having an off day. We ended up in the old town, being served average food by indifferent staff.

Next time, I’ll trust my instincts. In fact, if we make it across to Bordeaux while we’re in the Aquitaine region in a few weeks’ time, I’ll make up for a missed opportunity.

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