Naughty: but nice?

When I began planning a trip along the gentle Lot valley, I never imagined that I would end up in a hotbed of sin. If I had been in any doubt about going before, I’m not now. Cahors, here I come.

Yes, the town of Cahors is mentioned in the same breath as Sodom. Back in the 14th century, it came under fire from the church for housing bankers who charged interest on loans. Using money as an end in itself was a sin, religious leaders said.

This thinking has come along somewhat since then – as has the town.

It is now the capital of the département of Lot, to the east of Bergerac, where I’ll be staying. Its situation is dramatic – known as the presqu’île, it is contained on three sides by the river Lot.

The town is at the end of what can be a relaxing trip along the river, according to the latest issue of French Property News.

I have to admit that’s not why I know it. My reasons are far more prosaic: I know it for its wine.

The local appellation combines malbec with merlot and tannat. It’s a hearty wine that is best enjoyed with food. I figure a trip there might give me the chance to try some wines from vineyards I’ve not heard of.

Back in the 14th century, the local wine was well known internationally. That may also lay behind the town’s naughty reputation.

These days I doubt very much that a glass or two of this local speciality constitutes a sin. Either way, count me in.

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