A good start: brunch à la française

Old habits die hard, they say. In this case, the ‘hard’ may be referring to my arteries. This breakfast recipe probably isn’t one that doctors would recommend.

It set me up for the day, though. Called œufs en cocotte, it’s like a French take on a traditional full English breakfast. There are eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes in there, plus a good helping of cream and tarragon to give it a French flavour.

It comes from the very first cookbook I ever bought: 365 Quick and Easy Dishes, published by Ebury Press. It’s stuck with me over the years and is one of only two recipes from the book that I still cook. (The other is a spinach omelette with mushrooms.)

The dish was the perfect start to my Sunday. We were due at a friend’s for lunch, which I – correctly – anticipated might become a long and rather lazy afternoon in the garden, complete with a selection of good wine.

I have been dieting in preparation for my holiday and have lost about six pounds (three kilos), so I figure I am allowed a day off.

Mind you, the rich food and plentiful drink won’t gain me much sympathy next time I have to see the doctor… Ah well, life is for living.

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