Boomeranging back: home from home

More than two million Britons go on holiday to the same place every year, apparently. Almost a third have been to the same place more than three times, and 40% go back to the same restaurants, recent research has revealed.

I’m one of them. I arrived in Castillonnès yesterday afternoon, back to stay at my friend Keeley’s house.

I’m not sure if I should be hanging my head in shame. I get that, on paper, going back to the same place year after year sounds like a bad idea. It suggests a distinct lack of imagination.

However, there are reasons why us so-called ‘boomerang tourists’ act the way we do.

For me, this house proved a bit of a saviour. I was made redundant a few years ago. After a while of being without work, it really started to get me down.

A chance conversation with my friend Keeley gave me just the fillip I needed. She suggested that Damon and I join her at her house in France for New Year. Within hours we had booked flights to Bergerac.

I am glad we did. Firstly, the break kept me sane. Secondly, it proved the start of a rekindling of my love affair with France. I had studied in Brittany and worked in Paris, so the language and culture were familiar to me. Obviously, things such as the food and wine are appealing, plus the slower pace here in the south of the country.

We’ve come back over to France any number of times since. We’ve stayed at Keeley’s house again several times and have also stayed in Paris a couple of times, Rouen and rural Pas-de-Calais.

Good weather is one of the reasons why we boomerang tourists return, according to LV= travel insurance, who carried out the research. However, on that first New Year trip to Bergerac, we discovered that the winter in this part of France isn’t dissimilar to that in Britain.

I am rather hoping for better in the next two weeks!

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