Carry on abroad: stiff upper lip

Sometimes I want to hang my head in shame at some of the antics of my fellow countrymen abroad. The reason shows such as Benidorm have been so successful is that they have a grain of truth to them. Sunny Beach goes further, showing us the reality of such resorts.

No wonder the Brits sometimes have a poor reputation overseas.

And yet there are times when you cannot help but feel a sort of admiration for them too.

Take Mr and Mrs Foreman, for example. They are the couple pictured above. They own a holiday home in Montaut, in Lot-et-Garonne, and went along to the village’s night market last Friday.

I was there too. A group of us had gone along for an evening of duck and local wines, all enjoyed al fresco.

We saw the dark clouds approaching and thought the worst was over after a short rain shower. The second lot of rain was a bigger surprise. We were pounded by hailstones and a river formed through the centre of the village.

All the revellers headed for the sanctuary of the church – except for the Foremans, that is. They had just bought their meal and they were determined to have it, regardless of the weather.

When they had eaten, they sought shelter too. They could see the funny side of their having stuck it out while they finished their meals.

The Foremans of this world, I salute you.

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  1. one word …DUNKIRK….!


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