Double helpings: escargots

In south west France, if ever you tire of duck or if foie gras loses its appeal, you can always turn to that other staple of the local diet: snails. The humble escargot can be found in many bistros.

However, it wasn’t until I was over a week into my holiday that I saw any on a menu – and when I did, I didn’t hesitate.

I was in the Maréchalerie in Castillonnès for a lunch prompted by the surprise arrival of my friend Jenny’s daughter, Daisy.

For my starter, I ordered half a dozen snails, which came served in the traditional style, in garlic butter and parsley. I wolfed mine down.

Then came the main… yes, more snails. I made up for lost time with snails and mushrooms en cocotte (pictured), mopped up with plenty of bread.

Of course, neither could compete with any of the Michelin-starred dishes I had over the course of my fortnight away, but that’s not the point. Both were well prepared and presented and were good, honest bistro grub.

I’ve brought some tinned snails back with me, in case I fancy another helping.

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