Better late than never: spring green vegetable tart

It may feel like autumn outside but inside it’s spring. I figure that means it’s not too late to make a spring vegetable tart. Even at the end of August, I reckon I can just about get away with it.

I have wanted to make Éric Lanlard’s spring green vegetable tart since I bought his book – in fact, it was one of the recipes that convinced me I had to own a copy. The editors obviously thought it was one of his most appealing, too, as they have repeated the image several times and it also shows up in publicity for the book.

The ingredients are right up my street, especially asparagus. I am all for eating seasonally, and I know the asparagus season is over, but the supermarkets still have asparagus on the shelves. I can hear their tender stems calling me.

You can buy the rest of the ingredients all year round: peas, Greek yoghurt, wine, butter…

I figure that means I am still OK to make it.

Lanlard suggests sprinkling parmesan cheese over the pastry base before adding the filling, but I have some comté, so I’ll use that. We had too much and it was starting to go hard, so we froze it. I find it great to use in recipes.

The French TV chef says the tart “looks and tastes like a morning walk through a beautiful vegetable garden”. I’m not sure about that, but I’m sure it will make a delicious evening meal.

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2 thoughts on “Better late than never: spring green vegetable tart

  1. That looks so good, I have made similar with really fresh young french beans


  2. Sounds delicious!


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