Prune and armagnac parfait

Prune and armagnac parfait: perfect

The sign of a good cook is knowing which corners it’s OK to cut in a recipe. Cheap booze can be a false economy – it is OK in some dishes, but in others it ruins the meal. After all, what you put into the food is what it is going to taste of.

Take the prune and armagnac parfait that Damon served n Sunday night, for example.

Forking out for a bottle of armagnac was money well spent. We could have substituted a different spirit or used a cheap miniature, but we chose to invest in a reasonable bottle of armagnac instead.  It felt like we were helping the local economy too – as armagnac comes from the part of south-west France where we often stay.

Plus, as we’d found some Agen prunes for the dessert, it felt more authentic to use armagnac over another kind of brandy.

The recipe was a bit fiddly, but the result made it all worthwhile. Topped with homemade honey biscuits, they were delicious. We all wolfed them down.

What’s more, the recipe was for eight people, so we have plenty left over for another night… So the dessert has actually proved value for money.

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