Grand Fermage : beurre aux cristaux de sel de mer de Noirmoutier

Half truth: crack butter

Our friends say they always come to us when they are in need of a fix. They reckon we have the best drugs in Brighton. Only after they have had some crack do they feel better, apparently. It picks them up.

The crack we offer, I should clarify, is purely of the dairy variety. Crack butter, we call it.

In the shops, it’s sold as sea-salt butter. Or beurre aux cristaux de sel de mer de Noirmoutier, to give its full name. It’s produced by a company called Eurial and marketed as a gourmet butter under the brand name Grand Fermage.

Noirmoutier is an island off the west coast of France, parts of which have been reclaimed from the sea. It is part of the Vendée department, near the Guérande salt flats. The salt is harvested by hand.

As you cut through the butter, you can see the salt crystals clearly – and as you eat it, they dissolve in your mouth. Spread on a baguette, it is simply delicious. Nothing else is needed. Well, a heart pump maybe.

Despite its saltiness, it is classed merely as ‘demi-sel’, as though it were some sort of healthy option. I think it’s fair to say that most doctors won’t be endorsing this product any time soon.

Our friends, however, remain very keen to recommend it.

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