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Lidl: three birds in the hand

It’s French week at Lidl and the supermarket’s traditional working class customers are being elbowed out of the way by their more affluent neighbours. With cheeses for 99p, walnut saucisson for £1.99 and wine carafes for £5.99, it’s not hard to understand why.

Yesterday, we filled our trolley. There’s no shame in shopping there anymore.

The middle classes are revolting, you see. We’ve turned our backs on our traditional purveyors of fine fare – Sainsbury’s, Tesco and even Waitrose. Rising bills and an average cut in take-home pay of 10% has made shopping for a bargain necessary, if not fashionable even.

No longer are house prices the conversational centrepiece of dinner parties in Henley and Hove. Tales of the latest bargains now take pride of place.

“No longer are house prices the conversational centrepiece of dinner parties. The latest bargains now take pride of place”

Supermarkets like Lidl have recognised the potential of this new market. In the Brighton store, low-cost stock has given way to an extended wine range.

Today, the store was selling a 2011 Chevalier de Lascombes from Margaux at £18.99 and a 2013 Philippe de Bois d’Arnault Chablis Premier Cru at £12.99. You don’t need to be much of an economist to see that selling just one of these will net you more profit than a bottle of cider at 99p.

In the old days, bird in a bird in a bird was a dish for very special occasions only. I have a friend who even went on a cookery course just to be able to prepare the dish. Now she can buy one in Lidl for under £10.

That’s what we had for dinner last night: chicken, turkey and duck, stuffed with pork, apple and cranberry and served with a port and cranberry glaze. It’s part of the supermarket’s deluxe range, aimed squarely at its new clientele. I’m happy to report it was delicious.

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