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Quiche Lorraine: all in the name of diversity

If real men don’t eat quiche, they’ll go hungry today. I have organised a bring-and-share lunch at work. The aim is to get my colleagues to share a favourite dish with their friends and colleagues.

In doing so, I hope that they will be able to share a bit of themselves too.

I’m taking in a couple of quiches. The first is a quiche Lorraine – meant as a way of sharing my passion for France with my colleagues. The second is a seafood quiche, which I felt acknowledges my home on England’s south coast.

Most of my colleagues will bring something in from home. I went to M&S.

The lunch is part of a Diversity Week that I have co-ordinated across our nine offices. We have had guest speakers on a range of subjects – from faith at work to disability – and film screenings on diversity-related topics.

“I’m taking in a quiche Lorraine as a way of sharing my passion for France with my colleagues”

This year, for the first time, we’re taking Diversity Week out to builders on four of our construction sites and we’re also involving some of our residents. I’m presenting on unconscious bias to our group board this afternoon.

Then, this evening, I’m launching a lesbian and gay group for the whole of the housing sector. The aim is to help us be able to mentor and coach each other, either as individuals or as organisations.

Tomorrow night there will be drinks to celebrate the end of Diversity Week. It may be the thing I am looking forward to the most – especially if we can arrange for the nibbles to include some mini-quiches.

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  1. Are you making these mini-quiches, YIP?


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