Lobster Thermidor

Decadent dining: lobster Thermidor

When you’re looking for a great meal as part of a special night out, few dishes can beat lobster Thermidor. The combination of shellfish, cream, mustard, cheese and cognac hits the spot every time.

Lobster Thermidor is a classic of French cuisine, but let’s be honest, it’s a bit fiddly ever to try cooking at home. So when I saw it on the daily specials menu at Bistro Nantais on Saturday, I didn’t hesitate to order it.

The dish is said to be have been created in Paris in the late 19th century to mark the opening of Victorien Sardou’s play Thermidor at the Comédie Française. Whether the play proved popular is lost in time, but the dish it spawned proved a big hit.

“The dish was created to mark the opening of Victorien Sardou’s play Thermidor at the Comédie Française”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve eaten at Bistro Nantais this year. Its stylish interior, highly professional service and, of course, its food keep drawing me back. I guess I’m a creature of habit – the fact that I chose the snails for my starter would see to confirm it. I’ve had them every time I’ve been there.

The evening carried on in style. After sharing an assiette gourmande, we headed off to watch a burlesque show. Or boylesque, as it was billed. It was an all-male show, with acrobatics, saucy humour, handsome men in pants and drag queens.

All round, I’d say I got the decadent night out I was hoping for.

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7 thoughts on “Decadent dining: lobster Thermidor

  1. Oh no. not Lobster Thermidor, my favourite French dish ever! Now I want some……

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  2. You may regret this
    I do travel to Brighton for work occasionally!


  3. I discovered Lobster Thermidor when I was in my late teens and dining out in very elegant attire (the tight sheaths, high heels, updos, and heavy black liner of 1962) with a best girlfriend at a restaurant across from the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. We thought we had died and gone to heaven at the first bite! It became my all time favorite dish. I must have known in my subconscious mind that it was created in Paris. I rarely find it on menus here in the States today. Much too decadent and cholesterol laden to be on healthy California cuisine menus.

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