French film Poltergay

Boogie frights: Poltergay

On Halloween, what could be scarier than five gay ghosts performing their rendition of Boney M’s Rasputin? If that sounds more tempting than a night of trick or treating, grab some popcorn and snuggle up with a copy of the movie Poltergay.

Released in cinemas in 2006, the film stars Clovis Cornillac and Julie Depardieu as Marc and Emma. The couple move into a beautiful old detached house that is desperate need of renovation.

What they don’t know, however, is that its basement served as a gay club in the 1970s – until an electrical accident killed some of its guests. Five men died as they performed the disco classic Rasputin.

As ghosts, the men have remained trapped in the house, dancing to the same song. (Unlike the rest of us, they don’t seem to have tired of the ditty.)

Julie can’t see the men, but Marc can. Cue lots of hilarious misunderstandings as he interacts with them. Figuring he has lost his mind, Emma moves out.

“The basement of the house served as a gay club in the 1970s – until an electrical accident killed some of its guests”

Without wishing to give away the denouement, Marc enlists the help of the ghosts to win back his wife – and they get him to take them on a night out in Paris where they are reunited with their past loves.

High culture it isn’t. A ridiculously camp romp it is.

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  1. Poltergay? Ha, ha, never heard of it but it sounds like a barrel of laughs for a Hallowe’en weekend. Cheers!

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