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A real page turner: FRANCE magazine

“58 ways to pretend to be in France” promises the cover line on the recent issue of FRANCE magazine. True to its word, inside, a 4-page feature offers ways to transport yourself to France without actually leaving your armchair.

It’s a charming idea for a monthly magazine that’s aimed largely at British people who are looking for a regular fix of France. Giving your customers what they want is basic business sense.

Some 77% of its readers have cooked recipes they have found in the magazine and 85% use the magazine to found out more about France. Importantly, as far as advertisers are concerned, they are affluent – earning an average of around £50,000 a year – and they visit France between 3 and 5 times each year.

Interestingly, the market is full of similar titles, three of which – FRANCE, Living France and French Property News – are owned by the same publishing house. Then there are the spin-off publications, such as French Property Buying Guide, and events, such as the annual France Show.

The French dream is alive and well and living in Britain, it would seem.

“My virtual year in France is now drawing towards its close – I’ve published over 300 posts, never missing a day”

But what kind of sad person wants to kid themselves they’re living the French lifestyle while they battle through the regular working week at home?

Oh, erm, hang on, this is starting to ring bells…

I’ve committed to posting about all things French every day of 2014. My virtual year in France is now drawing towards its close. I’ve published over 300 posts, never missing a day. What comes next? We’ll have to wait and see.

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