Quincaillerie, Beaumont du Périgord, Dordogne, France

All kinds of everything: remind me of Beaumont

Lots of shops claim to stock everything you could ever need but few live up to their promise. The exception is the quincaillerie in Beaumont du Périgord. Whatever household item you could ever wish for can be found in the hardware store of Monsieur Bariat et Fils.

It might take you some time to find what you are looking for, but rest assured, it is there.

The shop is situated on Rue Foussal in the pretty village of Beaumont du Périgord, 30 km south east of Bergerac. From the outside, it appears to be entirely average. Once you step inside, however, you realise quite how vast it is – and how varied its stock is.

A canteen of cutlery will sit alongside some red plastic napkin holders. An antique bell will jostle for space with a plastic bucket in the shape of a goose. A 1970s macramé hammock will swing above an ultra-modern gas barbecue.

The problem for its owners is that the shop needs to be all things to all people. Its catchment area is small and once you are there, they need you to buy something. The result is a hotchpotch of goods, presented with limited finesse.

“Once you step inside you realise quite how vast the shop is – and how varied its stock is”

This split personality is evident on its website too –a stylish modern template site contrasts with the slightly shambolic nature of the shop itself.

However, that is precisely the charm of the shop.

That’s why we keep going back – and keep buying. Perhaps the shop’s apparent jumble of goods is intentional.

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  1. yes!! it’s not in ‘every shop’ you can buy….. a plastic duck,a stuffed deer head, a gun , a saucepan, a blow up boat… and I am sure…..something you can get stones out of horses hoofs!

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