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Red, white and cru: poached pears

Pears have been off the menu for me for over two decades – at least when it comes to cooking them, that is. That’s all because of a dinner party disaster many years ago. Now, though, I appear to have conquered my demons.

A group of friends and I used to take turns to host dinner parties for each other. Each dinner had a theme that we would stick to rigidly.

When my turn came, I opted to host – you guessed it – a French evening. I planned my menu carefully and found wines to match each course. I even lined up enough CDs of French music to see us through to midnight.

I forget what I served for the starter and the main course. It is the dessert that has stuck with me all these years. Haunted me, you might say.

I had found a recipe for poached pears. There would be two each – one poached in white wine and one poached in red.

There were gasps of admiration when I brought the desserts to the table. My guests were impressed – until they tried to cut into a pear, that is. They were hard and refused to yield to a mere fork and spoon. I drew the line at offering steak knives, so I swiftly removed the plates from the table and returned with the cheese course.

“There were gasps of admiration. My guests were impressed – until they tried to cut into a pear, that is”

These days you can buy fully ripened, ready-to-eat pears at almost any supermarket. Back then, you couldn’t.

Last week I overcame my fear and cooked pears in chocolate (pictured). I am relieved to report that they were delicious.

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3 thoughts on “Red, white and cru: poached pears

  1. Love to hear dinner party disasters.
    I cooked roast beef for Trevor’s parents and had (foolishly) bought from an untried butcher.
    It was tough, and the only person who could successfully eat any was Trev’s dad, who had waved goodbye to all his natural teeth years ago.

    They didn’t hold it against me but I was mortified

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  2. Mmm! Looks délicieux!


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