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Camemberts roasting: on an open fire

Roasting camembert is one of those winter pastimes that ranks up there with sipping mulled wine, ice skating and singing carols. Now I’ve found the most rustic of camembert roasters to complete this seasonal idyll.

I’ve been after a dish to bake camembert in for some time. All the ones I’ve seen in the shops have been made of terracotta and glazed in Mediterranean kitchen colours – none of which will really suit my home.

However, I have now found a camembert roaster from Moore Designs which is far more the ticket.

Made of metal, it has been designed to hold boxed cheese while you roast it on the embers of an open fire or wood burner. All you have to do is unwrap the cheese, put it back in its box and then place in on the fire.

We have five working fireplaces in the house, so I would be able to have warm camembert in almost any room I wanted to.

When I roast camembert, I like to stuff it with garlic and a spring of rosemary. I used to use raw garlic until I discovered that putting a couple of cloves into some hot water and microwaving them for 30 seconds gave the garlic flavour I was after but without the burn.

“Made of metal, it has been designed to hold boxed cheese while you roast it on an open fire or wood burner”

If I want to enjoy the cheese without lighting the fire, this roaster can, apparently, be used in a conventional oven. You’d need asbestos hands to hold the devices afterwards, I’m guessing.

I also imagine that you’d need to commit yourself to eating a lot of camembert too, as the roaster is priced at £58.

So, probably not something I would buy myself, but definitely something I would happily receive as a gift. Hint, hint.

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  1. This sounds delicieux!

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  2. Oh, my goodness. So many ways to eat cheese—and so little time. This looks heavenly.

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