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Romantics anonymous: a delicious farce

Not since Nigel Farage was last questioned about his offshore tax avoidance has anyone come across as awkwardly as the two principal characters in Romantics Anonymous. The film, known as Les Émotifs Anonymes in French, centres on the story of chocolate factory owner Jean-René and his new employee Angélique.

Both suffer from pathological shyness and confidence issues. He receives counselling for his condition while she attends a therapy group for help with hers.

They meet when she applies for a job at his chocolate factory. She thinks she’s being interviewed for the role of chocolatière, though she is in fact appointed as a sales rep. This doesn’t play to her strengths and the company is soon without any customers.

The situation at the factory had already been dire for some time and bankruptcy had been on the cards.

“The film has a whimsical, kooky quality that is reminiscent of films such as Amélie, but with a charm all of its own”

Without giving away more of the plot than you’d find on the DVD case, Angélique rescues the business by overhauling the company’s range of chocolates. She had previously produced first-class chocolates for another company but, uncomfortable being praised, she gave credit to a fictional hermit instead.

This farce has the two central characters misunderstanding every move that the other makes.

It has a whimsical, kooky quality that is reminiscent of films such as Amélie, but with a charm all of its own.

Despite being released in 2010, I watched it for the first time at the weekend – with a box of chocolates to hand, of course.

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    Can you find a space in the boot for the DVD? Sounds lovely and a box of chocolates? Jx

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