New Year’s Eve: what’s next?

My year of daily blogging has come to an end. I started 2014 wishing I were in France and I am finishing it on French soil. I have picked up a couple of awards over the past 12 months and have learnt a lot too – particularly about festivals and the stories behind classic dishes.

Food has played a big part in the year. I’ve sought out French restaurants in Britain and have visited several Michelin-starred restaurants in France. Readers appear to have enjoyed the food posts too – they have consistently attracted the most likes.

For me, the year has been an opportunity to reminisce about the time I have spent in France – as a student, at work and, of course, on holiday.

It has also given Damon and me a chance to plan for our future. We have thought about how we might make the move – and when. Damon has also improved his spoken French over the course of the year, thanks to the Duolingo app.

Committing to blog every day of 2014 was quite an undertaking. I feared I might run out of things to say but I haven’t. Finding the time to write each day has been the bigger challenge. I’ve usually had a few posts ‘in the bank’ to use when I simply couldn’t write something fresh.

Sourcing photos and cropping them to size has proved time-consuming too.

So what’s next? Well, I will continue to blog about France, but not every day. Once a week or so seems more manageable.

“I will stick with the French theme but try a different sort of writing altogether. I’m going to have a go at writing a novel”

With the time I will gain, I will stick with the French theme but try a different sort of writing altogether. I’m going to have a go at writing a novel. From tomorrow, I will begin planning its structure and developing the characters that will bring it to life.

Of course, I’ll post about how it’s going. Please stick with me if you’d like to find out how I get on, as well as keep up with my musings on French life, culture and food, as before.

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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve: what’s next?

  1. Go for it!
    Good luck, let’s all hope for new doors to open in 2015

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  2. Jane Patterson on said:

    Graham – thank you so much for your daily blogs. I’ve looked forward to reading them every day. I wish you well with the novel and look forward to future blogs. Much love to you and Damon for 2015 from Jane xx

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  3. thanks for your year’s blogging. I’ve enjoyed reading them and got a real feel for life there. Happy 2015

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  4. Good luck with wherever your writing in 2015 takes you!

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