Domaine de Puybéton tree houses, Dordogne

Castles in the air: Domaine de Puybéton

If the key to getting ahead is a gimmick, the owners of Domaine de Puybéton in Dordogne have it made. The bed of roses they have made for themselves is actually above their heads – in the form of treehouses.

This romantic destination offers three cabanes: one styled after the Château de Monbazillac, one after Château de Hautefort and one after Josephine Baker’s former home, Milandes.

These turret-topped gîtes offer a secluded hideaway. Cabane Monbazillac (pictured), in particular, is ideal for couples, and each comes with its own jacuzzi on the terrace. At €250 a night in peak season, they look perfect for couples looking for a night away.

“An Englishman’s castle may be his home, but a Frenchman’s, it seems, is a holiday home”

There’s also an infinity pool in the grounds and terrific views over the Dordogne countryside.

Situated in Nojals-et-Clotte, the spa complex is less than 25km from where we stay, in Castillonnès. With our thoughts now turning to our summer trip, a night here might prove a fun break within our holiday.

An Englishman’s castle may be his home, but a Frenchman’s, it seems, is a holiday home.

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  1. Dang. Yet one more place to add to my bucket list. I’ll have to live well past 100 years at this point.


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