Edd Kimber's pear tart

Worth getting exercised about: Edd Kimber’s pear tart

A cookbook is for life, not just for Christmas. Like a dog, you need to give it shelter, attention and regular exercise throughout the years.

I bought my partner, Damon, Edd Kimber’s Pâtisserie Made Simple for Christmas. He found a place for it on a bookshelf, so the shelter part of his obligations was quickly covered.

He’s been giving it regular attention too – he has said that he would cook a dessert from it every month this year. He’s working his way up to croquembouche in December.

So far, we have had chocolate soufflé tarts with salted caramel, fig and star anise tart, clafoutis and pistachio and cherry soufflés.

This month’s masterpiece was a pear tart. I think he was inspired by our recent trip to northern France, where pears are one of the chief fruits grown locally. However, the recipe he followed actually originates from Alsace, in the north east of France.

The result was delicious. The pâte sucrée case was filled with a wonderful frangipane mixture and topped with pears that had been poached in a syrup flavoured with lemon.

Even Damon had seconds, which is almost unheard of.

“The wonderful frangipane mixture was topped with pears that had been poached in a syrup flavoured with lemon”

Edd Kimber’s cookbook is proving to have been a great gift. The only drawback with its desserts is their effect on the bathroom scales.

We’ve given the book shelter and attention, but I think it’s over to us now for the exercise part…

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    It is beautiful. We also eat with our eyes.

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