Tarte aux framboises, served with lavender ice cream

The proof: is in the pudding

Food porn, they call it. Maybe that explains why so many people eat with just one hand. Certainly, if this blog is anything to go by, food-related posts are almost invariably the most popular.

I reckon it’s because we eat with our eyes as much as with our mouths.

So, think of this post as my gift to you. It’s a tarte aux framboises we served for dessert last Sunday. On the side was a serving of Provençal lavender ice cream. It was like a plate of late summer – served on the day the clocks went back.

My partner, Damon, made the tart. It’s another of his monthly helpings from Edd Kimber’s wonderful Pâtisserie Made Simple cookbook. He filled a pâte sucrée case with crème pâtissière and topped it with fresh raspberries.

The lavender ice cream was my own creation. I had bought a jar of Provençal lavender recently and had been looking for an excuse to use it. So I adapted a classic vanilla ice cream recipe by omitting the vanilla pod from the proceedings and letting the lavender infuse the milk overnight instead.

The flavours worked terrifically well together. In fact, as I was researching lavender online, I saw that it is recommended with raspberries.

“I adapted a classic vanilla ice cream recipe by omitting the vanilla pod and letting the lavender infuse the milk instead”

We wanted a good meal to serve our lodger, Vincent, for his last supper – or, at least, for his final Sunday dinner with us. Lobster bisque, roast pork and then tarte aux framboises would do the job, we figured.

Vincent told us he had come to think of Sunday nights as a meal he should never skip. No amount of larking about with his classmates could compete with the three-course meal waiting at home. As we talked over his stay with us, he revealed that part of what he had enjoyed about living with us with the food we served.

Then, when he asked for seconds of the tart and the ice cream, we knew the proof really was in the pudding.

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  1. Oh…..you tarts!

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  2. MMMMM Lavender ice cream. That’s nearly as good as a drop of violet liqueur in your bubbles

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  3. Looks wonderful and sounds as though it tasted as good


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