Tower M6B2 in Paris' 13th arrondissement, built by Paris Habitat

Hi ho, hi ho: it’s off to work I go

I can’t believe my luck. I’ve taken on responsibility for my company’s international relations and will be making frequent trips to Paris. I should pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

The only thing that could make my happiness complete would be a pay rise.

This has all come out of my work trip to Paris in July. Together with my director and chief executive, I went to see the city’s largest housing association, Paris-Habitat. They own more than 120,000 homes in the French capital.

They showed us some rather ambitious new homes they are building, including a ‘tower of biodiversity’ (pictured), on the Avenue de France in the 13th arrondissement. It’s very different from the sort of homes we build in London for social housing.

It was clear from that last visit that we could learn some things from them – and that they could learn from us too. That’s precisely what this addition to my role is about. I’ll be nurturing some of the keener minds at work – our ‘talent’, if you will – and enabling them to go and see how things work in Paris.

“It was clear from that last visit that we could learn some things from them – and that they could learn from us too”

It’s a sad indictment of the British, though, that only two of the 15 or so people I have spoken to about this initiative can muster anything more than a ‘bonjour’ or a ‘merci’.

On the plus side, that’s why I get to accompany them on their trips to Paris… So, even without a pay rise, it’s put a spring in my step as I set off for the office each day.

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7 thoughts on “Hi ho, hi ho: it’s off to work I go

  1. Tu es tres ….jammy! Does this mean you can get a loyalty card now for Galleries Lafayette?

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  2. Luck you, clearly the gods of serendipity are smiling on you

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  3. Reblogged this on Karen Stephen aka Doc Flamingo and commented:
    What an unusual concept! Read more about this project that my blogger friend has the privilege of working on at “Social housing” BTW is the British term for low-rent or subsidized housing. Quite a contract to our “projects” here in the United States.

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  4. Jane Jenner on said:

    Well done, Graham! Now, get cracking on securing that pay rise!! x


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