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Surprise, surprise: putting a face to the name

Cilla Black isn’t the only redhead ever to turn up out of the blue. On Monday I had a surprise visit from fellow blogger Gill.

I’ve followed the trials and tribulations of Gill’s renovation in Languedoc-Roussillon for several years via her Blog sur Aude. She and her partner, Trevor, have a couple of properties in the south of France – one is a flat by the sea and the other is an inland village house.

All the renovation work is being done while they hold down jobs in the UK. So, their precious holidays are less about relaxing by pools and more about getting handy with power tools.

It’s clear that the village house is Gill’s passion. The couple are trying to do it up on a small budget. It has been fascinating to see the transformation – and the great stuff they have found in vide-greniers and the like.

What I’ve enjoyed about Gill’s posts are their candour. The couple have been through their ups and downs over the years as they’ve tried to make the village house habitable. The project has certainly tested their determination.

So the offer of meeting up was too good to pass up. Gill happened to be in Brighton on Monday because of work, so we met in a wine bar I know. A couple of hours flashed by as we swapped stories and experiences.

“Their precious holidays are less about relaxing by pools and more about getting handy with power tools”

Gill gave me hope that mine and Damon’s idea of giving it all up to turn a run-down village house (pictured) into a wine bar-cum-fromagerie-cum-cookery school-cum-café-cum-chambres d’hôtes isn’t as bonkers as I might imagine.

Perhaps that was the biggest, erm, surprise, surprise of them all.

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3 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise: putting a face to the name

  1. Your protential project looks and sounds amazing, and having met you both I am sure you can do it.
    May I also say it was an absoute pleasure to meet you and that your photos do NOT do you justice. You are both SO much better looking in the flesh!

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  2. Ain’t t’internet wonderful!! Ahhhhhhhh!

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