Roast pheasant stuffed with Agen prunes and Armagnac

Get stuffed: roast pheasant

Agen prunes and a generous measure of Armagnac make a delicious stuffing for pheasant, adding a lovely French twist to that most British of meals, the Sunday roast.

Pheasant doesn’t have much fat on it, so it can be prone to drying out. That’s why filling the bird with a moist stuffing works so well.

I cooked a couple of pheasants last week and was very pleased with result. (Sadly, the photo doesn’t quite do the final product justice.)

Alongside the prunes and Armagnac, I used juniper berries, garlic, sage, onions and, of course, breadcrumbs.

I also worked my fingers in between the flesh and the skin and inserted plenty of butter. I filled the roasting pan with water too, to help keep the bird moist as it cooked.

“Alongside the prunes and Armagnac, I used juniper berries, garlic, sage, onions and, of course, breadcrumbs”

Our Korean lodger, Kuongmin, can’t quite believe his luck at the food he’s being served. While his classmates are being presented £1 microwave meals from Asda, he’s tucking into wild boar, lobster and, now, pheasant.

Venison is on the cards for dinner tonight, so I had better flick through some recipe books for more Gallic inspiration. Suggestions gratefully received!

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  1. Nom no nom…..

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  2. I love that your lodger is having a French experience in the UK!

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  3. As above…. looks delish

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  4. Sounds delicious. Check out my blog as I posted a great civet recipe a few weeks ago. It was rich and tender and so tasty.

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