Stronger In leafleting, Brighton station, February 2016

Don’t just lie back: think of England

This week I have been doing my bit for Blighty. I’ve been making the case for British jobs, our economy and security – by campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Suddenly I am a political activist. Perhaps I should be dressed in black and sport a balaclava?

Instead, last night, Damon (pictured) and I spent an hour at Brighton station dressed in a red, white and blue Stronger In t-shirt. The idea was to engage with commuters as they returned from work in London clutching their copies of the Evening Standard and the latest news of the summit in Brussels.

For me, remaining part of the EU seems a no brainer. It provides 57% of our trade, plus the freedom to travel, live and work in 27 other countries.

Young people can be funded to study or work abroad, as I did. They can get the same access to health services as local people while they’re away – as I hope to when we make the move to France.

Air travel has become cheaper thanks to EU rules, and you can phone home more cheaply from your mobile while you’re abroad too. At work, we are better protected, thanks to the EU – with equal pay, guaranteed holiday and the right not to work more than 48-hours a week without overtime.

To my surprise, the reaction was really positive from commuters last night.

People came and spoke to me about how their employers were saying they would move their European headquarters from London to Dublin if the UK votes to leave the bloc. Quite understandably, they were worried for their jobs.

I’ve studied in France and Germany, and worked in Belgium, France and Germany – all of which has given me an international view. I’ve never considered myself overly political, but EU membership is something I feel strongly about.

Hence I signed up to help the Stronger In campaign – and this morning, I’ll be doing another two hours on a stall in a busy shopping street in Hove.

“I’ve studied in France and Germany, and worked in Belgium, France and Germany – all of which has given me an international view”

The only thing I’ll do differently today is wear more clothes. It can be hard work handing out leaflets in the freezing cold.

Wish me luck – or should that be bon courage?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t just lie back: think of England

  1. Well done .. Mr dears!!

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  2. Good for you, having the courage of your convictions. If a few more people stood up to be counted it would certainly make a difference. Sadly, most folk just sleepwalk through life, complaining but doing sod all about it.


  3. Definitely Bon courage!

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  4. jenny on said:

    To right! The out campaign does not consider any of these positive things, but is focused only on the big I word-Immigration. do they think that a no vote will stop wars in the middle east and that the mainly hard working Europeans in the UK will be replaced by competent and skilled members of UKIP? As a resident of France I and my fellows, who pay tax here on state pensions and in the UK on work pensions and work still being done there will lose our rights here. can someone write a scenario of what state Britain would be in if not in the EU for the last 30 odd years and see if indeed it would be better off?

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