Champagne tastes: on a beer budget

If only buying in bulk always came with champagne and macarons. That’s what I’ve had to endure this week on my work trip to Paris. It’s fair to say it’s not been the worst week I’ve ever known.

My hotel, the Hôtel Belloy Saint-Germain, offers free champagne and macarons in the bar between 5pm and 8pm. What’s not to like?

Because I’ve brought nine colleagues with me to Paris, I’ve been able to get us a much better hotel than I would have otherwise. In fact, I had hotels bidding for my business.

When I put into Expedia’s search box that I was after ten rooms, I was offered a personalised room-finding service. I entered my budget and the number of nights and left the rest to them.

Soon I started getting alerts for hotels that wanted us to stay. Some were too far from the offices where we’ll be working, in the 5th arrondissement, but the Hôtel Belloy Saint-Germain looked just perfect. It’s in the sixth arrondissement, very near the Sorbonne. Google reckons it’s 17 minutes’ walk from the office.

“My hotel offers free champagne and macarons in the bar between 5pm and 8pm. What’s not to like?”

Plus, it has four stars – at least 1 star more than I imagined my budget would allow. It’s been a great place to unwind after some very busy days at work.

I’m here to research our Parisian counterpart’s communications set up and to look after my colleagues.

Plus, I am the unofficial group interpreter. As the only one of the Brits here who speaks French beyond menu level, it’s been up to me to do a lot of the talking. The French company even interviewed me on camera about our experiences for a film that will be made available on their intranet.

I was happy to talk about a lot that we’d seen and heard over the week. I managed not to mention the champagne and macarons, though. They’re my little secret. Well, until now, of course.

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6 thoughts on “Champagne tastes: on a beer budget

  1. …I am impressed… !

    Will the new French TV celeb… Be signing autographs … Or just giving out macaroons? (I assume you stuffed your pockets with the free ones … Before leaving the hotel?) and if not pourquoi!?

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  2. Champagne and macaroons, sign me up.


  3. I just came from my trip to Paris and one of my goals was to taste real French macarons. I think it is quite a good thing from your hotel to offer macarons ans champagne. This is a good commercial trick. Next time I want to stay there) Welcome to check my new blogpost about my adventures in Paris)

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  4. Now that’s a great business trip!

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  5. What a nice perk! There’s rarely anything better than champagne with macaroons! Definitely a hotel I’ve keep in mind for the future! Thanks for sharin 🙂

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