Les Enfants Rouges restaurant, Le Marais, Paris

Fusion food: turning Japanese

When I think of putting two styles of food together, French and Japanese cuisines aren’t the first combination that comes to mind. They seem such an unlikely match – with their creamy sauces on the one hand and their raw fish on the other.

Based on the food I tasted recently at Les Enfants Rouges on Rue de Beauce in Paris’ Marais district, it seems I was hasty to dismiss this fusion.

We ate there with friends Michael and David a couple of weeks back. They sold it to us as being like eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Only the décor let the place down, they said. They weren’t wrong about that – it was a little bare for any Michelin restaurant I’ve ever eaten in.

The food was great, though. I started off with foie gras in a clear broth: unusual, but delicious.

I rounded off the meal with a take on tiramisu: made with green tea and served with a Madeira granité. It was unlike any tiramisu I had ever tasted – not least because it was green. But it was good. The original has become such a second-rate restaurant standby that I would never ordinarily even order.

“For my birthday on Thursday, we had lunch in a restaurant with two Michelin stars. It was all I hoped it would be”

The restaurant came to mind because we are in Berlin this week. It was my birthday on Thursday and we had lunch in a restaurant with two Michelin stars, Facil. It wasn’t as adventurous in fusing cuisines, but it was all I hoped it would be.

Bonne anniversaire à moi!

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  1. Bon anniversaire a toi!

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