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A head start: premature jubilation

I hope I haven’t peaked too soon. Week two of my wine-tasting course was all about French wines and I did well. Let’s hope I can keep it up over the coming weeks.

In fairness, French wines are my strong suit. That explains why I knew a lot of the answers to the questions we were asked. Plus, I had worked hard over the previous week, learning the names of various appellations, their locations, the topography and the local climate.

Our teacher from the Sussex Wine School has told us we should put in an hour’s work a day. I tried to stick to that guideline, and made up for any days I missed by putting in two hours’ work instead.

I say ‘work’, but I am finding it fascinating, so it’s hardly a chore.

Damon claims he has become a wine widower, but, as I’ve pointed out, it’s only for six weeks. After this week, there are only four to go. I’ve paid quite a bit of money to take the course so I’d like to pass.

This week, we covered Burgundy and Beaujolais first, before moving onto Bordeaux and the south west of France, then the Loire, the Rhône Valley and, finally, Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon.

That’s a lot of regions – and their wines – to get through. We tasted a typically full-bodied Bordeaux blend from Haut-Médoc, a Beaujolais cru from Morgon, a Loire classic, Sancerre, a Montagny 1er cru from Burgundy’s Côte Chalonnaise and plenty more.

“We’ve been told we should put in an hour’s work a day. I say ‘work’, but I am finding it fascinating, so it’s hardly a chore”

Next week, we’re on a whistle-stop tour of the rest of Europe, taking in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Greece. Then comes the new world – all in a day. Finally, we’ll cover sparkling and fortified wines, spirits and liqueurs.

I really enjoyed the class about France. I hope I didn’t come across as arrogant or a show-off, though. Mind you, my classmates didn’t appear to mind and the teacher seemed impressed, so maybe I shouldn’t worry.

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10 thoughts on “A head start: premature jubilation

  1. ..doin’ yer homework.. Must be a bind.?.. Hic…

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  2. I like every single thing in this photo.

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  3. You seem to be covering an awful lot in a short time, must be quite tough. My problem is usually remembering all I have learnt.
    Good luck.

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  4. You can do it, you do have a bit of a head start with French wine………

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  5. Sounds a lovely course. Is it being held at Plumpton?


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